Our Community

The Team

We are a network of young working professionals, established residents and community leaders that are working to build confidence in the electorate of Ward 6 for this upcoming Municipal Election.

Partnerships for Ward 6

Under the Chew for Guelph Ward 6 Campaign, we are motivated by our love for Guelph and the desire to work towards a common vision. We have a growing team that is building organizational capacity to drive our bold initiatives and platform proposals beyond the scope and resources of a traditional Guelph City Councillor.

Right now we are engaging directly with businesses, residents and community institutions to create a strong resource network that will equipt our neighbourhoods as partners to advance our platform priorities.

We will work together and by voting for Ken, you are not just checking off an option at the ballot box, but you are voting for a strong community-driven team ready to get the job done.

“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Our Mission

Seeking Common Ground

Fewer and fewer people are identifying with the politicians and institutions that represent them. Just refer to the record-low voter turn out in the recent 2022 Ontario Provincial Election.

Team Chew is to stay in Ward 6 and together we will bring a spotlight to the issues in City Hall like never seen before. We will show Guelph how to do politics differently by facilitating new ways to discuss the issues and engage with those that do not identify with current politics.

Building a grassroots resource network to power our initiatives

We are a network of young working professionals, established residents and community leaders. Our campaign is going to demonstrate how we can advance practical everyday issues through strong grassroots engagement and knowledge-based decision making. With your support, we will be a leading example for cities across Canada.

Our Commitment

Post-election Governance

We are here to seek a strong mandate from the people of Ward 6. Our mandate will send a strong signal to City Hall and ensure that healthy grassroots engagement is here to stay.

During our time in office, we will demonstrate what it takes to build trust, and healthy dialogue that will lay the foundation for more citizen participation in municipal affairs for years to come.

We are here to change the political culture and we will do so by building a strong network around the Office of Ward 6 City Councillor. We will always involve the grassroots in decision making and inform constituents throughout the process.

Join Us

We are looking for strong community leaders and partners to be part of our network.

Contact connect@chewforguelph.ca or text (519) 831-1514 for more information.

Thank you!