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Stronger Public Representation

Reach out to the community FIRST

Regularly inform residents on development projects

Advocate for Strong Fiscal Responsibility

Integrate New Residents into the City

Support Healthcare Professionals, Parents and Educators

Strategic Economic Development

Coordinate community initiatives for a vibrant South End

Attract new businesses and direct existing businesses to resources

Build partnerships with co-ops and non-profit organizations for knowledge and skill sharing

Establish strong intergovernmental links to the community

Creative City Building and Design

Promote a clear vision for development and growth through the Official Plan

Actively engage neighbours and stakeholders early in the review process

Foster a culture of Responsible Stewardship of our Natural Heritage Systems

Introduce a Urban Design Review Panel pilot initiative to the City of Guelph

Support City Staff and Build Internal Capacity

Address the City’s Issue with Parking Capacity

Ensure the new Community Benefits Charge is spent wisely

Raise awareness for the City’s Asset Management Program